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Why You Must Keep Score Today

Happy New Years to you!  My family and I just got back from an incredible vacation at a cabin on Seeley Lake in Northern Montana.  I love the energy at the beginning of a new year and I’m excited to be back home working with my clients via video conference and skype!

Here is a transformational success tip to keep in mind this year for leading your team to success:  Get clear on a single goal for your entire company or organization.  Make sure it’s a simple goal that every team and department can keep top of mind throughout the year.

And here is the most important part, make sure everyone knows the current score at all times!

I have an exciting success story to share with you later this month about one of my businesses that achieved a record-breaking year as a result of keeping score – Stay tuned!

In the meantime, KEEP SCORE!

Here’s to you being a purpose-driven leader that inspires extraordinary teamwork and breakthrough results in 2016!

P.S. Here’s a great Forbes article written by Kevin Kruse, A Psychologist’s Secret to Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Steady on!

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