What Clients Say


“Achieving Status of Hot Tub Capital of the World? Mountain Hot Tub of Bozeman, Montana is doing just that!”

“My biggest challenge before hiring Leslie was that I continued to do things and see my situations and employees in the same way. I felt like I could inspire my team for a brief period of time but didn’t know how to empower them for the long haul. I also struggled with becoming constantly sidetracked by the day-to-day operations.

Through working with Leslie, my manager and I learned how to get out of the way and stop micro-managing our employees. We created a vision for our business that was so huge and extraordinary that it inspired every employee. We have since doubled our sales (during a historically, industry-wide low month), were awarded “Territory Dealer of the Year” and are receiving multiple requests to be interviewed. Thanks to Leslie and her direction, we are achieving extraordinary results!”

Tom Walker, Founder and Former Owner (for 35 years)
Mountain Hot Tub
Bozeman, Montana



“Achieved nearly double our annual sales goal!”

We hired Leslie to bring in an outside influence to take the Rocking R Bar from good to great.At the Rocking R, we knew that we have a good business and we are very competitive in our market place, but we weren’t ok with that! We wanted to be the best, and we knew to become the best we were going to have to stretch our limits and work outside our normal comfort zone.

We also hired Leslie to help change our culture at the Rocking R and we were looking for a major culture change from the owner all the way down to the entry-level positions. We wanted to empower our employees to think for themselves and take ownership and become the face of the R Bar, not just the owners and the management team.

As a general manager, has impacted my life in a wide variety of areas. In the workplace, I feel I have become a more effective and conscientious leader. One of my weaknesses has always been to rely on myself to get things done. After our work with Leslie, I am more comfortable creating groups and allowing employees to do different projects and tasks to allow myself to be more productive. This has also allowed the staff to open up and take ownership of their shifts because they now have “skin in the game”. Another weakness for me is getting the “little things” done. Leslie’s work has allowed me to become more effective in this, she has given me the tools to change my mindset and become more productive.

Our work started with training’s with all of our employees and the management team. Within the entire team, we created a new vision for the bar and a new mission statement.

These two items have been very instrumental in keeping a focus for the Rocking R Bar that we did not have in the past. The management team then went on to create individual catalytic projects that stretched us beyond our comfort zone. These games helped us think outside the box and create new thought processes that we could use to empower our employees.

My first project was to make the R Bar the “Cheers of Montana”. I wanted to have customers know our managers and employees by name and I wanted our employees and managers to know our customers by name. This was a reach for me as we see hundreds of people every day, but with the help of Leslie, I quickly realized that working on this in a small scale, we could affect a huge amount of people each and every day.

We achieved measureable breakthrough results!

Our 2016 Sales goal was to be 5% up for the year. At the end of 2016 we ended up 9% for the year. The bulk of the growth came in the 2nd half of the year when our work with Leslie began.

We have stretched ourselves and adjusted our sales goal for the year of 2017 to be up 8% for the year. In the years past we have always had a standard of aiming to be up 5% each year. As of April 25, 2017 we are sitting at 15% up for the year, but we aren’t getting complacent and we know we have a lot of work to do!

Working with Leslie has been a very eye opening process. She is easy to talk to and helps me think of situations and solutions in a different manner and she challenges me! I appreciate this tremendously and it has helped me grow as a manger and personally. She has taught me take on more empowering perspectives and action steps to make myself, and my team better!

Tony Kaber
Manager, The Rocking R Bar


“This year, we will be profitable for the first quarter – which will be a first for at least the past 10 years.”

“Since working with Leslie I have seen so many amazing improvements in my business. While it’s only been a short time, I cannot imagine the impact I will see after 12 months with our new outlook. What changed this year were the tools of leadership and teamwork success that Leslie brought us. We delivered all 90 spas within the 2 months – all of the “impossible goals” we had set and the promises to customers were all met, and kept.

Customers were happy, employees were engaged and worked as a team, everyone truly had each other’s backs and the work got done. All of this was achieved with little input and direction from upper management. This year, we will be profitable for the first quarter – which will be a first for at least the past 10 years!”

Kelly King, Current Owner and Former Manager
Mountain Hot Tub


“We were finally able to think outside the box!”

“The Belgrade Chamber of Commerce hired Leslie Cunningham to do a training session with the Board of Directors at the Annual Planning Retreat. Leslie was very professional, but also put the Board at ease right away. She sparked a great conversation helping them to think outside the box. With her guidance they came up with some very good but tangle goals for the year and for the future. It was extremely gratifying to see their enthusiasm for their year and their excitement was something that has carried them forward. We have had two Board Meetings since the training and they are still excited. She is well worth the money and we would love to have her facilitate a training again.”

Debra Youngberg, Executive Director
Belgrade Chamber of Commerce



We finished the year up 9% in increased revenues from our stretch goal of 5%!

Prior to my work with Leslie I didn’t feel like we were getting the most out of our staff. I felt like our management team didn’t have the complete tools in their toolboxes. And I wanted to lead our employees to make the guest experience their number one top priority.

Leslie is very approachable and has a calming effect on our management team.

As a result of our work with Leslie we are all more committed to making the R Bar the best bar and restaurant in America! I also see more value in creating stretch goals. We are capable of doing way more than I had previously believed!

My manager has developed from an overwhelmed manager who had to do everything himself to being a manager who can delegate and hold employees responsible for taking action and following through.

We developed our first company-wide training program, which was created through an engaged, employee-based team. Not only that, but our employees worked hard together as a team to pass their new training tests.

When I walk in the bar I see employees who have really bought into our vision and are engaging with customers in a way that they had never done before, and as a result they are giving them a guest experience that they want to return to — and selling more.

To top it all off we finished the year up 9% from our stretch goal of 5%!

Mike Hope
Owner, The Rocking R Bar




“I am more productive and have a better working relationship with my co-workers”

Before Leslie worked with our team, I really struggled with confrontation with my co-workers. There were frustrations resulting from my procrastination in dealing with certain issues that created larger issues by me putting them off.

Through our work with Leslie, I learned how to envision the ideal work environment that I want and to show up in a way to moves us as a team towards that goal.

As a result, I began dealing with the smaller issues head on and not avoiding them!

This has given me a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in my daily work life.

I am more confident and speak up when something needs to be handled. I am also more productive and have a better working relationship with my co-workers. By my showing up in a different way, not only have I personally benefited but my team has benefited as well!

I am grateful to my boss for having Leslie work with us to better our team and ourselves. By focusing on how we can make things better daily, there is a direct impact on my co-workers and the customers that we serve.

Gimel C.
Delivery Coordinator
Mountain Hot Tub



“We walked away with our core company vision and knowing exactly who we wanted to be as a company.”

Before working with Leslie, our company was having a hard time openly discussing the obstacles that faced us and we weren’t communicating in a way that made us accountable to each other. During our strategic planning visioning session, we walked away with our core company vision and knowing exactly who we wanted to be as a company.

We created a vision that inspired each and every board member and identified key objectives and strategies for achieving that vision around holding each other accountable and doing what we tell each other we will do.  Each partner then created a plan for how they would contribute towards achieving the company vision.

We committed to being the most successful company we could be in the industry, for each of our locations throughout Montana, Washington, Idaho, North Dakota and Pennsylvania!

David Crawford
TD & H Engineering



We are now a unified management team working together to make an impact and achieve results for our organization!

Our biggest challenge was lack of cohesion and shared vision amongst our management team. We hired Leslie for a two-Day management team development training session. It’s hard to articulate just how impactful those two days were for us.

Through our work with Leslie, we created shared values and value statements as a leadership team, to guide our behaviors and impact us in terms of how we were interacting with each other and showing up as a management team – both during and outside our meetings.

After our training, one of the directors shared, “‘Before this training I didn’t see us as team, I just saw us as getting our stuff done, now I see that we are actually a team working together to accomplish greater impact and results for our organization!” At the most basic level, this is transformative.

I realize that many of our Managers/Directors felt isolated, because they felt like they were the only ones who fully understood the details of their departments and programs and probably felt like they couldn’t rely on the management team to bounce things off of because they were not experts in their particular area/department.

I have seen a big difference in several of our managers and some of them were people that I didn’t expect to respond to this work. I feel like our managers were validated in a much bigger way in terms of what they have to offer and as a result they are now significantly more engaged. It’s like a switch has been flipped!

We found a common thread and focus that brought us together and we now see each other as part of the bigger team!

Heather Grenier
HRDC, The Human Resource Development Council



“We created a vision of exceeding expectations and creating a service department and company where everyone experiences 100% communication, trust and respect!”

When we first started working with Leslie, one of our biggest challenges was getting employees to realize that doing okay work was not exciting or good enough. We wanted to challenge everyone to do more.

As an owner, I struggled with presenting things in a productive way. I would either push my employees to make things happen or just let go and hope that issues would somehow resolve themselves on their own.  I needed to learn how to empower my team instead of being the “worker bee” and doing everything myself.

Through Leslie’s guidance and facilitation, we created a vision of exceeding expectations and creating a service department and company where everyone experiences 100% communication, trust and respect.

We realized we needed to hold employees more accountable to the numbers.  This was a challenge for us as owners/managers because we believed that employees didn’t care about the numbers. We began creating clear, defined goals in our departments and company-wide.  Ironically, our employees began telling us how much they appreciated having goals and measurable outcomes in front of them on a weekly basis.

After a recent meeting with one of our departments, one of the employees commented, “This is one of the most productive meetings we have ever had!  I’m glad we have some direction now!”

Other results include our sales people are becoming better at sales and selling bigger ticket items that result in more profit.  One of our managers shared, “We are experiencing sales thriving while we’re focusing on improving service! It’s been fun and it feels great!”

We have weekly management and monthly leadership video conference meetings with Leslie.  During one particular video conference meeting, with only one day remaining in the month everyone believed it was impossible for us to achieve our “bold monthly cash flow goal.”

She coached the sales team around this and we surpassed our bold monthly cash flow goal by concentrating our efforts over the course of a single day!  I didn’t think it was possible and I know the other owners thought it was impossible as well, but our employees came together in a committed, powerful, synergistic way and made it happen!

To top things off, we hit a record-breaking all-time high for the best month of sales ever since being in business over 65 years and are on track to hit our highest revenue year ever.

Leslie has helped us hold ourselves to a higher standard. She is consistent, kind and thoughtful – and at the same time is all business!

Ed Allen
Allen Pools And Spas, Vermont



“We now have renewed energy and positive outlook amongst our management team and every employee has a new buy-in of what the company is doing and where we are going!”

We had a tired attitude amongst our team members and some negative energy that needed to be turned around.  After speaking with Leslie, it quickly became obvious that her nurturing communication style would benefit our team and company. Since working with Leslie, we have improved our communication methods and are having more frequent and regular team meetings. Leslie helped us to get through some difficult unspoken issues by facilitating talks among managers and team members.   We now have a renewed energy and positive outlook among our management team.  The entire team has a new buy-in of what the company is doing and where we are going.  Each person is developing projects that will benefit the team as a whole.  The challenge now is to keep everyone energized and excited about their projects as they move into implementation stages. Some of the projects that are under way include outreach to medical professionals and contractors who would be interested in partnerships with The Hot Tub Store to help their clients, the development of an internal weekly newsletter for all team members to better be informed on the happenings inside the company, the sales team has been meeting via Google Hangouts and has begun using a chat program for easy and fast communication across great distances.

We have begun the planning and preparation for a large remodel at one of our showrooms, an outreach program to past customers is being implemented with special discounts for returning customers, we are exploring ways to get more involved in the communities we serve so that we can give back to those who support us. These are only a handful of the many great projects that are being developed since working with Leslie.

Working with Leslie helped us to get positivity back and alignment among our entire team.  Leslie’s calm demeanor helps people to open up and speak their mind while knowing that there will be no backlash for communicating the truth.

There is a real feeling of connectedness that comes out of the management and all team meetings that will help our team to create the company we hope to be. We are a much more unified team since working with Leslie.

Sky Matula
The Hot Tub Store, California


 scottprociv julieprociv

“We’re getting better at what we do and opening the lines of communication between owners and staff!”

Over the years, our business has grown and with growth, comes challenges. As new people are added, it’s easy to assume that they know and understand our work culture and the nature of our business, but that is not always the case.

We have a successful, profitable business with a great staff! However, we wanted to get better at what we do and open the lines of communication between owners and staff. Also Scott, the owner, works 6 days a week and wants to work less and allow our employees to be able to operate the store when he is away.
We decided to hire Leslie to help us open the lines of communication with our staff and to work toward the owner being able to take more time off.

The two-day training session facilitated by Leslie was a great way for us to communicate openly as a team and to share with each other our vision for the future of our store. A better understanding of each person was gained and everyone aligned with a common purpose and vision, which is to provide the best hot tub ownership experience for anyone and everyone.

Leslie created an environment, which allowed everyone to participate in generating ideas on how we could improve our business. We designed catalytic projects that ranged from simple ideas to more complex projects, all with the goal of providing the best hot tub ownership experience for all.

Our employees are working at being consistent with ringing up receipts to include customer names, so that their history will reflect all of their purchases. Also, we are starting to invite various customers to share their hot tub experiences for future TV commercials. We look forward to having monthly meetings in order to stay focused as a company on our common vision and will work to implement the other ideas shared during our 2-day training.

Leslie provided a non-threatening, supportive atmosphere in which to build a team with a common vision for improving business. She has a gentle, positive spirit and was very effective at helping us identify areas that needed to be addressed. Our desired outcomes from this experience opened the lines of communication between staff and owners.

By doing this and having a common vision for Montana Hot Spring Spas, we believe our staff has a desire to better serve our customers and perform their duties with passion and excitement!

Scott Prociv, Owner
Julie Prociv, Co-Owner
Montana Hot Spring Spas



“ Team members are more engaged and morale has been boosted!”

We were struggling with lack of accountability and low morale within our team and I honestly could not see a good way to turn things around for the better.  I was having a difficult time as a leader dealing with the negativity that was growing due to costly reoccurring mistakes and my own morale was at an all-time low.

Through my work with Leslie, I came to realize that as a leader, it is my responsibility to create a team that is successful – and if my team is not being successful, I have the opportunity to be a leader who accepts 100% responsibility for turning my team around.

As a result of my work with Leslie, I have seen a boost in morale and as well as an increased willingness from each team member to welcome challenges with a positive outlook.  Team members have become more engaged and as a result, have generated good ideas that support us in resolving issues and functioning more effectively as a team.

Leslie has incredible passion! She truly walks her talk in her work – and I deeply appreciate her authenticity.  She is a person with purpose and the way she believes in the people she works with is amazing.

Corrie Wood
Production Manager
Centermark Industries


We significantly increased our record-breaking months and had a record-breaking year!

We hired Leslie because we needed support with creating a change in our culture, helping our employees increase productivity and efficiency, creating increased accountability, creating real employee passion for goals and actually succeeding with achieving those goals.

I learned how to give honest, direct feedback to my team and how to get out of my own way and help my team members realize their potential. Our various stores, locations and departments now work passionately towards their departmental/team goals as well as our company-wide goals. Not only that, but they are supportive and excited for each other’s success and we have cohesive teams throughout the entire company now.

We have significantly increased our record-breaking months in terms of sales and revenue. We had a record-breaking revenue year and are now tackling projects that affect sales, revenue and profit (i.e. inventory, in house repairs, trades and service).

It was a wonderful experience to work with Leslie. She “taught” us by guiding us until we created a breakthrough and discovered the best way to coach, teach and work with our staff.

Leslie opened my eyes to see my blind spots as a leader in terms of how I was leading my employees. She supported me in creating personal and team accountability, increased teamwork, honesty and integrity.

Kim Ghigliotty
Sales Manager
Allen Pools & Spas



 “Me and my team have achieved more sales and revenue goals then we ever have!”

As a company and retail store, we always had important goals to accomplish – but I didn’t know how I, or the team stood on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis in regards to those goals. I also didn’t know how to stand out as a leader in my company or how to take ownership of issues and the sales goals that I wanted to attain.

Through our work with Leslie, I have learned how to track results and to “play games” to reach our retail goals.   I have personally accomplished more and my team has achieved more sales and revenue goals then we ever have – and that’s because of our work with Leslie. Last year we achieved and surpassed our boldmonthly sales goals for eight months out of twelve months! If it weren’t for our work with Leslie I wouldn’t be the leader and coworker that I am today.

Joe Eaton
Sales Professional
Allen Pools and Spas



“You have impacted me in a way that no other presenter/trainer has!”

“I just wanted tell you how moved I was by your in-person company-wide training! I have been to lots of these types of functions over my many years of working and have often come away with good feelings.

However, you have impacted me in a way that has changed my outlook on, not only my work life, but my entire life as well.

It has been several weeks and I have been far more upbeat, excited and happy at work. I was always a team player but now I feel empowered to react in a positive way to help everyone and to create positive change wherever I can.

Thank you for touching my life.”

Kathi Broadwell

Allen Pools & Spas



“I booked $20,000 in income in less than 10 days!”

“I have made 250% more gross profit in the first six weeks of this year than I did in the previous year. I have expanded my national market from 18% of my business to 27%. I was able to move locations – actually, to a different state altogether. Not only that but I booked $20,000 in income in less than 10 days! I am WAY happier with my work life. Many “miracles” are happening in my business. I sat next to an aid for a CA senator who invited me to speak on a congressional panel for healthy sustainable food in California.

My confidence is now much higher – I produce more income earning results in much less time and have much more time off for myself. AND, best of all, I am making a bigger difference to my clients – because when I “got it” how small I was playing I understood how I wasn’t supporting them in playing bigger. My transformation in money, self worth, and joy has been a huge contribution to my ability to transform the same in others. For the first time in my life I really “got” that my fear of failure and issues with money and success in my business were preventing me from making the biggest difference to the planet.

I am thankful that Leslie took a stand for me to play full out in my business – otherwise I would not be living my dream to transform the world of healthcare. I could never have imagined my life now a year ago!”

Dr. Sarah Marshall




“I increased my rates by one thousand percent and am getting hired and I achieved my first 5-figure month!”

“When I met Leslie I had a real problem with my pricing. I was charging only $300 to design websites – it was really bad! I had issues with being able to charge what I’m worth and getting it. I was stuck on not being able to see the value of what I was giving my clients – and I couldn’t even call myself an expert. I didn’t know how to talk to my prospects and communicate my value and say my prices with confidence. I was afraid that people wouldn’t hire me. Not only that, but I was still looking for jobs in the paper. I was barely running my business. I had clients that would hire me at extremely low rates and wouldn’t listen to my advice.

It was stressful and I was afraid that I wasn’t go to make it. When I first heard Leslie speak there was something about her that I totally related to. I felt like I was sitting at the edge of my seat just listening – I knew I had to work with her. My investment in coaching with Leslie has paid back so much… I can’t even begin to communicate all of it. Everything has shifted for me – within two short months!

I raised my prices by literally one thousand percent and people are hiring me and I’m meeting my bold income monthly goals. My dream is coming true of being an international business owner as I am scheduled for presentations in Europe. I have also achieved my first 5-figure month – making over $10,000 in my business. Almost every week since working with Leslie I’ve enrolled clients in my high-end programs!”

Hilary St Jonn




“Doubled my clients in just one month!”

“Before working with Leslie I was feeling lost in my business. I was exerting a lot of energy and effort and not getting much in return. I knew I needed Leslie’s guidance in order to have clarity and move forward – or my business would fail. During my work with Leslie she helped me clarify my niche and create a powerful “mission” statement that drives my decisions from a place of empowerment and vision and focuses the impact that I have in the world. She also helped me see how I was holding myself back with my limiting beliefs around money and to really embrace the value in what I have to offer.

Since meeting with Leslie for a VIP day, and actually since we first spoke during her complimentary session, I have fully committed to my business. I hadn’t done this until working with her – and just that alone has made an amazing difference in how I approach my business. Not only that but I got hired by my first high-end, high paying client! With the clarity I now have, I am changing my business name, logo, and website to better reflect the people I intend to work with. I hired an assistant and have re-structured my coaching programs to reflect the value of what I offer and provide greater value to my clients.

Since working with Leslie, I have doubled my clients. Most importantly feel sustained excitement, and motivation, and am clear on how to move forward in my business. I am now confident that my business will succeed… and because of this, I will positively impact many more people. I am grateful to my intuition for helping me reach out for help! It’s not in my nature to ask for help, which is truly a detriment. I am grateful for the recommendation to work with Leslie, and how she has helped impact my business and my life in so many positive ways. I sincerely thank you Leslie!”

Angela Marie Patnode

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