Weekly Tip: Secret to get results today

I have to be willing to accept personal responsibility for my results…

I have the opportunity to take personal responsibility for the results I have created in my life. If I’m not currently creating what I desire, then I have to get ruthlessly honest about what is getting in the way of achieving those results.

The responsibility for my results lies within me. I have to be willing to be honest about what I am believing, thinking and intending in regards to the area I want to have a breakthrough in.

There is a difference between “wanting,” which is a detached mental state, and “intending” which is what I am truly committed to.

It is my intentions that allow me to recommit and boldly reinvent myself out of nothing. It’s the stuff that makes for a really good movie ; )

This week, I challenge you to shift from “wanting” to “intending” and ask yourself if you merely “want” your situation to be different – or if you are truly intending it to be different. – You’ll experience an immediate shift just by asking this question.

Here’s to you inspiring extraordinary teamwork and breakthrough results

in your business – Steady On!



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