The Belgrade Chamber of Commerce hired Leslie Cunningham to do a training session with the Board of Directors at the Annual Planning Retreat. Leslie was very professional, but also put the Board at ease right away. She sparked a great conversation helping them to think outside the box. With her guidance they came up with some very good but tangle goals for the year and for the future. It was extremely gratifying to see their enthusiasm for their year and their excitement was something that has carried them forward. We have had two Board Meetings since the training and they are still excited. She is well worth the money and we would love to have her facilitate a training again.

– Debra Youngberg, Executive Director
Belgrade Chamber of Commerce

What is Leslie’s Signature Talk Title?

“3 Powerful Steps to Boost your Sales by Leading Your Team to Create Breakthrough Results.”
If you’re like most businesses, 20% of your employees are exceptional performers and the other 80% are average to below average. A business whose employees lack purpose and passion and who do not tap into their full potential is like leaving money on the table.

Purpose driven employees, on the other hand, are more productive and creative – which translates directly in to higher profits.  Learn a smart and innovative approach to team building to create a high performance, purpose driven team.

Effectively engage and inspire your employees to take on an exciting larger-than-life vision that will transform your business into one of exceptional customer focus, increased motivation, optimal public profile, maximum productivity and higher bottom-line profits.

  • How to break through the “stall out point” of repeating past sales performance, into a powerful vision of growth for your business
  • The secret behind having powerful conversations with your employees that results in them doubling their productivity and sales with passion and excitement
  • Simple ways to coach your employees to create exciting fun “games” that result in stellar customer service and income breakthroughs

Who Loves Leslie’s Topics?

Small business owners, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and employees.  Leslie loves participating in 1:1 interviews, telesummits and keynote presentations.

How Do I Book Leslie to Speak at My Event?

To book Leslie as a speaker please send an email to her publicist:  andrea@impactandprofits.com

What Are Some of the Events and Places Leslie Has Spoken To?

  • Founded and co-hosted “Big Money Leaps International Training Intensive”
  • Speaker and keynote trainer for “The Network for Women in Business”
  • Annual Women’s Symposium, “Dare to Dream,” Business Women’s Network with Marcia Weider, America’s dream coach
  • Hosted and led live in-person 2-Day event, “How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get it!”
  • “Business Productivity Telesummit”
  • Credit Union Network, Annual Convention and Exposition
  • Prospera Business Network
  • Presented for the Kendall SummerHawk Community
  • Children’s National Health Insurance Program
  • Bozeman Deaconess Hospital
  • Montana Credit Union Network, Annual Convention and Exposition
  • Helena Community Credit Union
  • State University
  • Gallatin Valley Technology Center
  • Prospera Business Network
  • Gallatin County Development Corporation
  • Bozeman Deaconess Hospital
  • National Breast & Cervical Health Program
  • Volunteer Montana!
  • Mountain Hot Tub
  • Rocky Creek Farms
  • Gallatin City-County Health Department
  • Bozeman Chamber of Commerce
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • National Breast & Cervical Health Program
  • Bozeman and West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce
  • Gallatin County Rest Home
  • Volunteer Montana!
  • West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce
  • Gallatin County Community Volunteer Center

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Leslie Cunningham,
Award-Winning Small Business Mentor and Teamwork Expert

P.S. If you’d like to book Leslie for a speaking engagement please call her publicist and speaking coordinator direct at: 720-201-6890.

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