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In the “start–up” stages of my coaching and consulting business, I was consumed with thoughts of making money.

There were many times I experienced panic and fear about not being able to pay the bills.  My primary focus was on my family  – basically, it boiled down to my own personal survival in the world.

I often felt overwhelmed and exhausted.  Every marketing and business task seemed like it required a monumental effort just to see it through to completion.

I quickly became fed up with the hamster wheel (or “rat race” mentality), and began seeking a new way to run my business with greater ease and passion.

During this time I stumbled upon one of Buckminster Fuller’s quotes:

Immediately after reading his quote I asked myself, “Is it actually possible to experience more effective leadership and run my business in this way?”

Next, “How could little ole’ me possibly make a difference in this great big world?”

Even though I experienced my own inner resistance, I was willing to live from this inquiry daily.  Slowly, it began to influence me.  I began to feel genuinely inspired.  My life, both personally and professionally, began to take on a larger-than-life purpose.

Within a short amount of time, it became seemingly effortless to complete tasks, lead presentations, and connect with prospects –I was out to make a difference and impact in the world!

Today’s reminder

As the person responsible for my business (whether you be an owner, leader or manager), what would it look like if I stepped into being more effective and impactful while living from the place of, If the success or failure of this planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do… how would I be (in my business) and what would I do (in my business)?”

What would happen if I lived as if how I showed up in my business and interacted with others (employees, assistants, customers or vendors) from the place of intending to make a greater impact in the world?

Exploring this question I might see that the way I interact with my employees has an impact on how they feel when they return home in the evening and how they interact with their spouse and/or children.

I might see that I can significantly impact the lives of individuals by the way I interact with others AND by the products or services I offer others.

It’s similar to the ripple effect that is produced from throwing a stone into the water.  The ripples get bigger and bigger in terms of the levels of impact we can have in the world.

I invite you to write or print Buck Minster’s quote and allow yourself to be in a daily inquiry with it and see what kind of insights and inspirations you gain.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world, is and remains immortal.”  – Albert Pine


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