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Lesson 4: Inspire Others With a Future That Creates Their Desired Results

getyourfuturestartedI have received many questions from business owners and leaders about how to hold others accountable so they can lead their team to achieve extraordinary results.

This is lesson #4 out of six lessons I’ve learned about being a leader who powerfully holds others accountable.

I inspire and invite others to create and commit to a future that naturally expresses their desired results.

Powerful leaders inspire their employees. They share their vision in a way that touches people deeply, in a way that allows people to own the vision for themselves.

Their invitation asks, “Are you willing to commit yourself to creating a new reality that has, as a natural outcome, the results we all want?”

The opportunity then is to support team members first being the vision in action, then to structure their schedules and circumstances in a way that expresses the shared vision. Intentional leaders use the tools of accountability… measuring results over time… to support and coach their team members to grow and develop themselves to be the living vision.


Here are some exciting things that I’ve done recently and am scheduled to do during the month of September and October

  • September 16th Off-Site Business Group Coaching & Team Facilitation via video conferencing
  • September 24th Key Note Speaker for Montana State University Women’s Lunch Seminar, “How to Leader Your Team to Achieve Extraordinary Results in 3 Powerful Steps”
  • September 30th 1:1 Coaching with my Diamond Level Clients.
  • October 3rd Live Training Available: “Hot Tub Business Breakthroughs: How to lead your team to create outrageous results!” Click here to listen to the recording.
  • October 7th   Off-Site Business Group Coaching & Leadership Facilitation via video conferencing








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