What is Required to Win Today

Reach-Your-Potential-COVERI have received many questions from business owners and leaders about how to hold others accountable so they can lead their team to achieve extraordinary results.

This is lesson #6 out of six lessons I’ve learned about being a leader who powerfully holds others accountable.

I am willing to support team members when they don’t follow through on their commitments or word.

I believe all powerful and effective leaders are truly coaches at heart.  As a leader (and a coach) I support my team in their growth and development.  I don’t get disappointed when team members don’t succeed in achieving their goals, otherwise I wouldn’t be an effective coach.  

My job is to maintain clarity and stay clear of my beliefs and judgments around successes and failures.  My primary focus and intention is to coach and develop the people on my team.

My team’s game is win/lose.  My game is to develop individuals into being high performers.  I can’t afford to get stuck in the ups and downs.  I’m putting my team in a classroom every time they don’t win.  

Before I say anything to them I say to myself, “I’m committed to empowering this person.”  Which is vastly different than the typical approach of “I’m committed to making this person wrong.”

As a coach, I am standing in the commitment of not being disappointed when my team doesn’t achieve their results.  Instead I’m committed to them, growing and developing from the game that they’re playing.  

As a leader through my commitment to the vision, my personal growth and my team’s growth, the desired results are inevitable in the long run.


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