Quick Tip: Are you doing this?

I used to really struggle when it came to admitting my mistakes; to my clients, my team and even my husband and close friends.  And to be honest, I still find it challenging to apologize at times.  It’s not because I don’t feel like I shouldn’t “own my part,” but because it’s hard for me to admit to others when I’ve done something wrong.

But here’s the thing.  I find that both my team and my clients respect and trust me more when I’m willing to admit my mistakes – Because let’s face it, we’re all human.


And trust is an essential component of creating an extraordinary team that produces phenomenal results.

I want to challenge you to exercise your “transparency muscle” and be a true leader today and admit at least one mistake or be honest about one of your shortcomings to: a colleague, team member, your team or even a loved one today.

And the thing is, when you’re willing to admit your mistakes you will find that others will be more honest and transparent with you.

Here’s to YOU being an authentic, transparent and respected leader.  You’ve got what it takes to take your business, your team and your life to the next level!


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