Leslie has 3 powerful programs to choose from.   Click here to fill out an application for a “Breakthrough Results” Session with Leslie.  During your session Leslie will help you determine which program is the best fit for you…

1.   “Unite Your Leaders” VIP Day

Get your management and leadership team on the same page so they can successfully lead your employees to create outrageous results!  

Do you struggle with a disjointed leadership team that consists of a few underperforming or skeptical team members who communicate ineffectively and/or inconsistently?

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2.   “Identify Your Extraordinary Vision & Winning Game” 90- Day Program

Align your employees with an exciting, larger-than-life vision, and a winning game that fills them with passion, purpose, and direction for achieving out-of-box results!

Do you have aligned leadership – but you’re not clear on how to effectively unite your employees into an extraordinary, high-performing, results-oriented team?

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3.    “Optimize Your Sales & Performance” 12-Month Program

Transform leadership and employee challenges into breakthroughs, guaranteeing to double your sales and performance!

Are you seeking a proven strategy for successfully doubling sales and performance?

It’s one thing to create a vision and winning game that moves and inspires your team – but how do you harness all that passion and excitement, and make it “stick” for the long haul?

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