About Leslie, Impact & Profits Founder

I always had a passion for bringing teams together to achieve breakthrough results.

Growing up, I was always deeply inspired when reading stories about people coming together to accomplish something far greater than what they could have as individuals.  Whether it was a small group of people joining together to help a person in crisis, neighbors helping neighbors or a business interacting with their customers, all with the intent of making an extraordinary impact.

Years later, after becoming a Leadership and Teamwork Development Expert, I added “talk show radio host” to my resume with a weekly leadership radio show. During this time, I interviewed the owner and employees of World Famous Pike Place Fish Market – a small business in Seattle that went from near bankruptcy to world fame success in less than a year’s time (they are featured in the #1 international best-selling training movie, “FISH!).

In that moment, I knew I was meant to work with businesses and their teams

After the Pike Place Fish Market interview, I was “hooked!”  I felt an irresistible inner calling to work with businesses.  I knew I had the conviction and innate skills to bring teams together so they experienced increased unity and passion – all while catapulting their results and profits.

I went on to acquire years of personal training and mentoring from the consultant who had coached the Pike Place Fish Market to world fame and success.  I learned the unique, transformational concepts of creating breakthroughs in business and began teaching these principles to my clients.

After my training was complete, I excitedly told my mentor, “These transformational business principles need to be known worldwide.  What do you say we co-write a book and get these ideas and concepts out on a global scale?”  He agreed to my proposal, and we are currently collaborating on our book project.

Receiving national attention

Several years after working together, a past client reached out and asked me to coach the team of employees of his multi-million dollar business.  He had recently experienced a significant staff turnover and felt like it was the perfect time for his employees to come together as a powerful, synergistic team.

After just a few months of working with them, they had increased sales by 50% during their annual warehouse sale.  That success caught the attention of both regional and national marketing directors, as well as industry peak performance groups who were extremely curious to learn what their “secret sauce” was.  When asked, the manager simply stated, “We hired Leslie as our Leadership and Teamwork Development Coach!”

Results my clients have achieved:

Surpassing sales goals, and creating teams that experience increased cohesiveness and purpose are just a few of the benefits achieved. In addition, managers who step away from micromanaging create a coaching culture that supports employees in successfully resolving issues on their own. In doing so, employees become leaders with a deep sense of ownership and responsibility in their company, and those businesses rapidly become “the employer of choice.”

Other results include significantly reduced turnover, increased longevity and retention, creating solid teams of employees that truly have each other’s backs, and employees who are committed to making a difference for their customers while increasing sales and bottom-line profits.

I am deeply grateful to run a business that impacts other businesses and their teams in such an extraordinary way

I am passionate about bringing employees together to achieve extraordinary, out-of-the-box results from a higher vision of making an impact and a difference – and to do it in a fun, purposeful, and inspired way.

I believe that every business, regardless of their history, can create a powerful team that achieves outrageous results.  And ultimately, make an extraordinary impact with their employees, customers, communities – and the world.

On a personal note

On a personal note, I am deeply committed to what I call, “Living and Loving Richly TM ” and to me that means not only making a difference and an impact in my business but also making time for the simple things in life like having quality time for family, friends and myself.

These rich experiences include reflective morning walks, working out, hiking in the mountains or escaping on a spontaneous summer picnic with my family, hosting monthly art circles with my girlfriends, exploring Montana’s numerous outdoor hot springs or simply star gazing with my 6-year old son.

I am passionate and deeply committed to prioritizing my time to “Live and Love Richly” and creating rich, difference-making experiences – because when it’s all said and done, I believe it’s my impact on others AND the memories that I leave behind that matter most.

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