How to be a Leader who holds others Accountable

I have received many questions from business owners and leaders about how to hold others accountable so that you can lead your team to achieve extraordinary results.  In the upcoming weeks I will be sharing six lessons I’ve learned about being a leader who powerfully holds others accountable:

How to be a Leader who holds others Accountable

lol_prd_118w_01Lesson 1: Clean Up My Own Act

For starters, I take the time to reflect and identify those areas in my business and personal life where I have broken agreements or promises.

I make a list of relationships where I experience a loss of energy, where I haven’t claimed ownership.

For instance, when someone says they’ll do something by a certain time, I notice they didn’t do it and don’t say anything, integrity is missing and we experience a loss of personal power.

It is at these times I realize that my power comes from integrity. Integrity IS power!

People’s lives are often run by their own reasonableness… “I was late because of the dog, the bridge or the traffic.” Integrity at its core means honoring one’s word. Integrity lives in accountability… the willingness to account for what you say. It includes being in communication the instant you know that you are not going to deliver on what you said you’d do.

It includes taking responsibility for the consequences of my broken promises and helping to clean up any mess I made… all because I honor my word.

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