How they did it and you can too

I have a very special treat for you! Many years ago as a talk show radio host, I had the rare opportunity to interview John Yokoyama on my weekly Leadership talk radio show on 1450 AM KMMS.

John is the owner of world famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.  During our interview, he shares his incredible story of how it went from near bankruptcy to overnight success and fame.   And in fact, he was so successful that they created a training video called “FISH!” that went on to become the highest grossing business training video of all times.

I am taking some of my interviews from my radio show and using them for my “Impact & Profits” Leadership & Teamwork podcast series.

Click here to listen to the interview now or if you don’t have time to listen to the full interview, make sure you bookmark this article so you can go back and listen to it later.

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