Find good workers in tough times now

Lately it seems that during my presentations, I inevitably hear a comment about how tight the current job market is. Leaders complain about having job openings listed for a long time. Because of this, I decided to create a quick tip list of simple action steps you can take as a purpose-driven leader to find great employees – even in a tight job market!

Step One: Take on an Empowered Mindset Before Posting Your Position!person_holding_sign

  • Keep in mind, that good people are out there and that they DO exist – even in a tight job market!
  • Take on the mindset that you will find awesome candidates. If you have this mindset, you will take more effective and more empowered actions than the leader who believes “all the good people are taken and no one is out there.”
  • Decide that YOU will be the kind of leader who finds employees in unique, easy and effortless way
  • Even though you may be struggling with having a position open for a long period of time – don’t just hire anyone. Remember, you have an obligation to your current employees to hire good employees. Otherwise, hiring people that aren’t a good fit for your position can cause your high achievers to feel resentful and possibly quit.
  • Take a moment to consider who your ideal employee is. For example, “What makes them unique that results in them being an extraordinary employee?” Decide to hire more people like your ideal employee. In your job listings, speak to the qualities that your ideal employees have.

Step Two: Implement These Quick Tips For Finding Great Employees woman_waiting

  • Keep in mind that like-minded people attract like-minded people. Ask your good and great employees if they know of anyone who would be interested in working for your business.
  • Advertise to your client/customer email list. Talk to your customers and have your employees mention job listings to customers. Put up a sign at your business, so that you get an employee who is currently a customer and believes in your company’s products and services.
  • Don’t just use a “warm body” job description – otherwise you will get a warm body! Use descriptions that are filled with excitement about the big things that your business is up to – and the amazing people that work there and the fun aspects of the position you are looking to fill.
  • Tell friends, colleagues and acquaintances that you are looking for employees. And keep talking about it! You never know when a chance conversation with your hair dresser or a grocery store clerk might result in a new hire.
  • Use alternative employee resources: Local job service organizations and part-time staffing services. Consider hiring veterans or people with disabilities. These people can be incredibly loyal and committed.
  • Use multiple social media platforms – and remember, you don’t have to do it yourself, ask your employees to help you. Chances are one of your employees will be comfortable with the various social media platforms that intimidate you.

Try these simple tips and decide that YOU will be one of the few leaders and businesses who excels at finding exceptional and ideal employees in a tight market!

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