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“Achieving Status of Hot Tub Capital of the World? Mountain Hot Tub of Bozeman, Montana is doing just that!”

My biggest challenge before hiring Leslie was that I continued to do things and see my situations and employees in the same way. I felt like I could inspire my team for a brief period of time but didn’t know how to empower them for the long haul. I also struggled with becoming constantly sidetracked by the day-to-day operations. Through working with Leslie, my manager and I learned how to get out of the way and stop micro-managing our employees. We created a vision for our business that was so huge and extraordinary that it inspired every employee. We have since doubled our sales (during a historically, industry-wide low month), were awarded “Territory Dealer of the Year” and are receiving multiple requests to be interviewed. Thanks to Leslie and her direction, we are achieving extraordinary results!

Tom Walker Founder and Former Owner (for 35 years) of Mountain Hot Tub Bozeman, Montana


“This year, we will be profitable for the first quarter – which will be a first for at least the past 10 years.”

Since working with Leslie I have seen so many amazing improvements in my business. While it’s only been a short time, I cannot imagine the impact I will see after 12 months with our new outlook. What changed this year were the tools of leadership and teamwork success that Leslie brought us. We delivered all 90 spas within the 2 months – all of the “impossible goals” we had set and the promises to customers were all met, and kept. Customers were happy, employees were engaged and worked as a team, everyone truly had each other’s backs and the work got done. All of this was achieved with little input and direction from upper management. This year, we will be profitable for the first quarter – which will be a first for at least the past 10 years!

Kelly King Current Owner and Former Manager of Mountain Hot Tub


The Belgrade Chamber of Commerce hired Leslie Cunningham to do a training session with the Board of Directors at the Annual Planning Retreat. Leslie was very professional, but also put the Board at ease right away. She sparked a great conversation helping them to think outside the box. With her guidance they came up with some very good but tangle goals for the year and for the future. It was extremely gratifying to see their enthusiasm for their year and their excitement was something that has carried them forward. We have had two Board Meetings since the training and they are still excited. She is well worth the money and we would love to have her facilitate a training again.Debra Youngberg Executive Director Belgrade Chamber of Commerce


“I booked $20,000 in income in less than 10 days!”

“I have made 250% more gross profit in the first six weeks of this year than I did in the previous year. I have expanded my national market from 18% of my business to 27%. I was able to move locations – actually, to a different state altogether. Not only that but I booked $20,000 in income in less than 10 days! I am WAY happier with my work life. Many “miracles” are happening in my business. I sat next to an aid for a CA senator who invited me to speak on a congressional panel for healthy sustainable food in California. My confidence is now much higher – I produce more income earning results in much less time and have much more time off for myself. AND, best of all, I am making a bigger difference to my clients – because when I “got it” how small I was playing I understood how I wasn’t supporting them in playing bigger. My transformation in money, self worth, and joy has been a huge contribution to my ability to transform the same in others. For the first time in my life I really “got” that my fear of failure and issues with money and success in my business were preventing me from making the biggest difference to the planet. I am thankful that Leslie took a stand for me to play full out in my business – otherwise I would not be living my dream to transform the world of healthcare. I could never have imagined my life now a year ago!”

Dr. Sarah Marshall


“I increased my rates by one thousand percent and am getting hired and I achieved my first 5-figure month!”

“When I met Leslie I had a real problem with my pricing. I was charging only $300 to design websites – it was really bad! I had issues with being able to charge what I’m worth and getting it. I was stuck on not being able to see the value of what I was giving my clients – and I couldn’t even call myself an expert. I didn’t know how to talk to my prospects and communicate my value and say my prices with confidence. I was afraid that people wouldn’t hire me. Not only that, but I was still looking for jobs in the paper. I was barely running my business. I had clients that would hire me at extremely low rates and wouldn’t listen to my advice. It was stressful and I was afraid that I wasn’t go to make it. When I first heard Leslie speak there was something about her that I totally related to. I felt like I was sitting at the edge of my seat just listening – I knew I had to work with her. My investment in coaching with Leslie has paid back so much… I can’t even begin to communicate all of it. Everything has shifted for me – within two short months! I raised my prices by literally one thousand percent and people are hiring me and I’m meeting my bold income monthly goals. My dream is coming true of being an international business owner as I am scheduled for presentations in Europe. I have also achieved my first 5-figure month – making over $10,000 in my business. Almost every week since working with Leslie I’ve enrolled clients in my high-end programs!” Hilary St Jonn www.endlessrangemarketing.com


“Doubled my clients in just one month!”

“Before working with Leslie I was feeling lost in my business. I was exerting a lot of energy and effort and not getting much in return. I knew I needed Leslie’s guidance in order to have clarity and move forward – or my business would fail. During my work with Leslie she helped me clarify my niche and create a powerful “mission” statement that drives my decisions from a place of empowerment and vision and focuses the impact that I have in the world. She also helped me see how I was holding myself back with my limiting beliefs around money and to really embrace the value in what I have to offer. Since meeting with Leslie for a VIP day, and actually since we first spoke during her complimentary session, I have fully committed to my business. I hadn’t done this until working with her – and just that alone has made an amazing difference in how I approach my business. Not only that but I got hired by my first high-end, high paying client! With the clarity I now have, I am changing my business name, logo, and website to better reflect the people I intend to work with. I hired an assistant and have re-structured my coaching programs to reflect the value of what I offer and provide greater value to my clients. Since working with Leslie, I have doubled my clients. Most importantly feel sustained excitement, and motivation, and am clear on how to move forward in my business. I am now confident that my business will succeed… and because of this, I will positively impact many more people. I am grateful to my intuition for helping me reach out for help! It’s not in my nature to ask for help, which is truly a detriment. I am grateful for the recommendation to work with Leslie, and how she has helped impact my business and my life in so many positive ways. I sincerely thank you Leslie!”

Angela Marie Patnode www.angelamariepatnode.com



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