Why Choosing One Word for Your New Year’s Resolution is More Powerful Than Broad Intentions

one-wordMy husband and I took some time off between Christmas and New Year’s to escape to a cabin and reflect on our accomplishments over the past year.  We also set our intentions about what we want to create in 2014 for our business, and family life.

As always, it was an amazing experience!  It included quiet, reflection time… combined with wonderful family time.  We went on some amazing hikes and adventures with our 3 year-old son; these are memories we will hold in our hearts forever, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to spend this quality time with them.

This year, we tried something new during our retreat.

I had heard from my friend and colleague, David Riklan at Selfgrowth.com that many successful leaders and business owners are choosing one word to take on and embody for the New Year (as opposed to creating numerous New Year’s Resolutions that they often lose sight of after the first few weeks of the year).

A single word or phrase can be very powerful when you’re struggling with gaining clarity on how to handle a guidanceparticular situation.  It can be easily applied in the moment for both direction, as well as guidance.

It is so powerful, that it can literally inform both business and personal decisions on a daily basis.

The short phrase that I chose for this year is “YES & NOW!”

This phrase has personal significance to me.  Given to my own devices, I sometimes have a tendency to over think, drag my feet, and put off making powerful decisions that can significantly impact my business.

 “YES” gives me a new response to my internal “no.”  “NOW” is very powerful for me as well as I strive to create my intended outcomes NOW rather than waiting for months (or sometimes, even years).  My husband chose “consistent honesty,” which is meaningful for him as well.

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