How Can I Achieve my Money and Revenue Goals?

full_sizeMany entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders set goals and outcomes that are impossible to achieve.  There’s a great quote from Alice in Wonderland, where Alice says, “Sometimes I believe as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.”

While it’s great to create impossible goals we also have to have clarity around how to achieve them – otherwise those goals will remain forever in the realm of “impossibility.”

Use this exercise to create a clear, inspired action plan for achieving your ideal income, revenue or sales goals (you can also use this process for achieving performance or productivity goals by substituting “action steps to take” where numbers are required).

Keep in mind that while it is good to have a clear action plan for achieving our ideal income, results can (and often do) happen in ways that we couldn’t possibly account for!  However, one thing remains certain… we have to take action to create results.

This exercise will get you into clear, inspired action.

  1. Review your numbers. For example, if you are setting an annual goal, review of your numbers from the previous year (or a quarterly goal), review your numbers from your first quarter one year ago (or previous quarter); you can also review a monthly goal, review your numbers from the previous month or from the same month a year prior.
  2. Create an experiential number/goal.  What’s a number that you resonate with in your heart or gut… that write-it-downyou feel inspired to create for the current year, quarter, month or week?
  3. Write your number down and put it aside.
  4. Brainstorm your resources and strategies for achieving your number/goal.  Let’s say you have a goal of creating $10,000 in sales or income… brainstorm all the ways you could achieve that; use your “resources,” meaning list out current prospects or strategies and ways you could market yourself or your business i.e., speaking, advertising, 1:1 conversations, etc.
  5. Brainstorm more resources and strategies.
  6.  Estimate how much income these resources will generate (estimate both low and high and then add up your range).
  7. Get even more creative!  What things haven’t you thought of?  Involve more people in your brainstorming. You’ll be surprised by all of the other resources/strategies you didn’t see
  8. Commit to your resources and strategies.  Choose the resources that you have a strong feeling about and are willing to commit to.  The ones that repel you should be at the end of the list.
  9. Add up your numbers.  Review the resources that you’ve committed to and the numbers that you anticipate they will generate and see if the numbers add up to your goal.


If it’s lower than your experiential goal, brainstorm more resources and ways to maximize your resources until the numbers add up to your goal.

10. The general rule is this…any goal or number is possible but you have to be willing to identify and commit to your resources and strategies!Create a list of action steps.  This step is VERY important!  Identify a list of action steps you will take based on the resources (and income goals) that you

have identified and are committing to – then work your list daily, weekly and throughout the month. 

Remember, powerful results are achieved through taking consistent intentional action!

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