Are You Achieving The Impossible in Your Business?


“Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I did it for half an hour a day.  Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”           

                       – Alice in Wonderland


alice-with-queen-of-heartsI frequently set the intention to achieve what I consider to be “an impossible possibility” for myself in my business.  One particular “impossibility” that I chose to take on was to break through six figures in six months.

At that time I had never made that much money within six months, let alone an entire year.

And to up the ante even further on my “impossible possibility,” I declared that I would break through six figures within six months while having an abundance of time for my family, myself and working four balanced days a week.

Within minutes of setting and recognizing my intention I came face-to-face with internal resistance and a larger-than-life internal dialogue about how it wasn’t possible for me to achieve this.

Every morning I would rise with thoughts of failure and images of impending doom flashing through my mind.  However, instead of following the thread of doubt and letting it play out to its natural outcome and conclusion I would intentionally decide to apply my “mental brakes”.

Be the person you want to be right NOW

I chose to return to my commitment to “BEING” the person I wanted to be in the future RIGHT NOW and would repeatedly ask myself, “How would a business leader who was committed to breaking through six figures in six months working four days a week focus on creating money?  And, “how would a six-figure business owner handle this particular situation?”

Every time doubt or fear entered my mind I would return to this singular question over and over, day after day, week after week and month after month.  At some point I would inevitably experience a shift in which my doubt and fear would disappear – and I would receive insight on how to move forward with achieving my goal.

I was committed to acting on my inspired ideas and continued to take action towards my vision – in spite of my doubt.

I decided to start a new group-coaching program, and inquire about presenting for a particular venue.

Leslie_cabin leslie_cliff_jumpAfter the venue agreed to host me over 50 people registered to attend.  Shortly after presenting to a room filled with participants who were hungry for more information I felt drawn to host a live 2-day workshop.

Within two short months I pulled together a live event with 35 participants.

I had never hosted a two-day event before and was scared and intimidated.  I experienced weekly and sometimes even daily anxiety about standing out and being seen in a bigger way.

Feel the fear and move forward anyway

Once again, I gave myself full permission to experience my anxiety and fear and move forward anyway.  From there I went on to fill my group program and achieved my goal of breaking through six figures in six months!

My inspired ideas and action steps arose as I committed to being my vision over and over again.  My fear and doubt never completely went away – but I didn’t wait for it to disappear either before moving forward.  I was willing to move forward and create my vision even when I didn’t believe it was possible.

It’s like the analogy of training for a marathon.  It’s one thing to decide to run a long distance race.  It’s another thing to train on the days when hear yourself saying, “I don’t want to.”  “I don’t feel like it,” or “I don’t know if I can do this.”

It’s easy for me to let my fear and doubt run the show and take me out of the game of moving towards what I want in my life or business.

our_historyHowever, in every moment I am being given the opportunity to take action beyond my thoughts and feelings by taking action from the possibility I am standing for.  That is how I ultimately reinvent myself and achieve “impossible possibilities.”

I can relate to myself in the same way I relate to the things I’ve created in my life.  I can be my story.  I can be my history.  I can be my opinion, or my career. These are all expressions of me. But none of the stuff that I’ve created in my life is who I really am.

Who I really am is a human being that can create extraordinary outcomes and results in my life.  When I played the game of breaking through six figures in six months working four days a week, it was a new expression of what I wanted to create.

At the time I identified myself with all the old stuff that I had created in the past.  In my mind I didn’t believe I could succeed because everything I had created up to that point involved working weekends and evenings.  By giving it up the person I thought I was, I got to BE the person I really was.

The opportunity for me was to connect with my vision and create anyway – even when I didn’t feel like and even when I didn’t believe in myself.

When I was willing to confront my resistance I created a breakthrough and was able to get in touch with the creative being that I really am.

Today’s Action Step & Reminder

4FeetWhat is an “impossible possibility” that I would be passionate about achieving in my business if only it were possible?

What are the reasons that I tell myself as to why I can’t achieve my impossible possibility?

What if I were to simply let those reasons go and choose to take action towards my vision anyway; what is a simple inspired action step that I would be willing to take?

What if my fear and doubt didn’t have to disappear completely (or even disappear at all) for me to continue taking consistent and committed action toward my vision – what would that make possible for me?


There’s a big difference between wanting something and committing to it.  When you want something you move towards achieving it as long as it’s easy and as long as you believe it’s possible.  However, when you’re truly committed and you consciously recommit to achieving your vision over and over again – tens, if not hundreds of times a day while continuing to take action towards it in spite of your fear and self-doubts… this is what creates true character and outrageous business breakthroughs.”

– Leslie Cunningham

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