5 Secrets Used by Pike Place Fish!

For the past several years my husband and I have been intending to replace our carpet with hardwood flooring and we FINALLY did it!  I could write an entire article on the power of taking small “micro-movements” to make this project happen! ; )   We are thrilled with the results!  Now onto the next step, buying new furniture – oh the joys of home ownership!

Check out the special podcast interview that we just posted on our website – 5 Secrets Used by Pike Place Fish: How to Inspire Your Employees Like The World Famous Pike Place Fish Market Inspires Their Employees!”

This is an incredible interview where the employees of the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle share their secrets to engaging employees so that they provide exceptional customer service, assume 100% personal responsibility and genuinely care about your company as much as YOU do!

Click here to listen to the interview now or if you don’t have time to listen to the full interview, make sure you bookmark this link or download the interview so you can go back and listen to it later – it’s incredibly engaging and inspiring!

Here’s to YOU being a PURPOSE-DRIVEN leader who brings your team together to achieve extraordinary results and impact!


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