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3 Tips for Struggling with Success How to Get Back on Track with Your Vision – QUICKLY!

Teamwork, Leadership, Employee EngagementI have a confession to make…

Last week, I found myself struggling with a particular project for my business.

I could clearly see my intended outcome…that wasn’t the issue.

I knew I was passionate and inspired about my vision, but every time I paused to assess my progress, I felt like I was painfully far away from my ideal end result.

This is a common challenge for entrepreneurs and leaders when it comes to succeeding with accomplishing any goal or vision – so, what’s the secret for overcoming doubt and frustration around achieving a particular outcome or result?

My struggle inspired me to review and reconsider these 3 principles…

Get Clear About Where You Are

Some leaders live in a fantasy world where they focus on their ideal vision to the exclusion of denying the facts surrounding their current situation.

It’s important to be brutally honest about the facts because they provide us with clear feedback on where we are and what we need to do to get to where we want to go.

Confront the gap around where you are and where you said you wanted to be. You want to deal with reality and have a healthy relationship with the facts.

Once you’re clear about the facts, ask this simple, yet powerful life-changing question: “What’s missing that, if present would have me achieve my goal or vision?”

When you get clear about what’s missing, you can put your focus on implementing the missing components therefore achieving your desired outcome.

Focus On Where You Are Going

What we focus on expands.Teamwork, Leadership, Employee Engagement

While it’s important to have a rigorous relationship with the facts, we don’t want to keep our focus on bemoaning our problems and challenges because we would never make progress.

Instead of anguishing over, “Why isn’t this working?” “How come I’m struggling?”

Put your attention on where you’re going, and start asking instead, “What is the next step I need to take to move me closer towards my vision or ideal outcome?”

We may not have clarity around our entire plan, but we often know the exact next step that we need to take.

Choose Your Vision Every Moment

Teamwork, Leadership, Employee EngagementWe must constantly choose our higher vision and purpose every day, in every moment of our lives, and live from that conversation, instead of the conversation of the ego.

While it’s nice if we’re excited about taking action and feeling enthusiastic about our vision, it’s not a requirement. The criteria are that we are committed to our ideal outcome.

Our moods change all the time, just like the weather. We have to give our word (to achieving our intended result and vision), and then “be” what we said we were going to be, and take action.

When I reconsidered these 3 principles, I found myself feeling a renewed sense of hope and conviction and willingly…got “back in the game.”

If you’re struggling with achieving a particular vision or outcome for your business or your team, I want to invite you to consider these 3 principles. I promise they will inspire YOU to get back on track and back in the game!

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