1 simple tip for getting things done with EASE

I carry a small 4 X 3 inch notebook with me when I’m working throughout the day. I call this notebook, “My Extraordinary Results Notebook.”  Each time I begin a new task during my workday I take the time to record my intentions for that particular task.

For each task I ask and answer these two questions, “What is my big WHY for this particular task?  And “what are my intended outcomes and results from this task?”

And when I’m feeling unmotivated and uninspired about a particular work task or project I make doubly certain to pull out my notebook and reflect on these two questions!

For example if I am getting ready to write an article I will pull out my notebook and answer the question, “What is my big WHY for this task?”  I might answer, “I am writing because I want to inspire small business owners and leaders throughout the world to lead their teams to create outrageous results!”

When I reflect on the question “What are my intended results and outcomes for writing today?”  My response might be, “To write my article in one hour and to have fun and really enjoy the process.”

This extremely simple time management skill takes just a few minutes to accomplish and leaves me feeling inspired and ready to go – when previously I might have been dragging my feet and avoiding specific tasks or conversations.

It also helps me clarify my intended outcomes for each task and supports me in transitioning smoothly from one project to the next.

Try it out for yourself and see if it doesn’t help you feel more intentional, inspired and on-track as you complete your tasks throughout your workday!

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